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The following are live, unedited compact disc recordings of William Dehning conducting the USC Chamber Choir in the years from 1998-2007.  The ensemble consisted of twenty-four singers during his fifteen-year tenure with them.  Most performances were recorded on the USC campus, but several items here were recorded on tours of Spain (S) and Taiwan (T), and in competition in France (F). From 1992-1997 all recordings are on cassette, therefore unavailable here.
The selections are in alphabetical order by composer; you can search the site to see if what you may want is available, otherwise you'll have to scroll.  If a work is choral/orchestral(*), the orchestra is always present and the chorus is the USC Choral Artists (ca. 80 singers), again with William Dehning conducting.  Idioms other than the mainstream of the 'classical' choral music canon (spirituals, pop, jazz, folk music) are listed after the canon in alphabetical order by arranger.
External computer speakers are highly recommended for quality and depth of sound.  Unfortunately, all selections were 'ripped' using a bitrate of just 64, therefore they are not as clear as they might be.  The site administrator has no desire, however, to go through and re-rip them all.  We hope you can forgive this lack of technical skill, enthusiasm and patience.
From the canon

Bach: Cant. 21-Sinfonia*

Bach: Cant. 21-Ich Hatte . . .*

Bach: Cant. 21-Was betrübst du?*

Bach: Cant. 21-Das Lamm*

Bach: Cant. 21-Lob und Ehre*

Bach: Komm, Jesu, komm (S)

Bach: Singet dem Herrn-1*

Bach: Singet dem Herrn-2*

Bach: Singet dem Herrn-3*

Boulanger, L: Soir sur la plaine(T)

Brahms: An die Heimat, Op.93-1

Brahms: Tafellied, Op.93b (T)

Brahms: Sehnsucht, Op.112-1 (T)

Brahms: Nächtens, Op.112-2 (T)

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-5*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-7*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-8*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-9*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-11*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-12*

Britten: War Requiem, Dies irae-13*

Chilcott/Mechem: Everyone Sang

Corigliano: Fern Hill*

Debussy: Dieu!

Debussy: Tabourin

Debussy: Yver

Dinerstein: When David Heard

Gabrieli,G: Dormiva dolcemente

Handl: In resurrectione tua (F)

Holst: Nunc dimittis (T)

Korte: Aspects of Love (3mm)

Lauridsen: Lament for Pasiphäe(T)

Lauridsen: Mid-Winter Waking(T)

Lauridsen: Intercession . . Oct (T)

MacMillan: Laudi alla Vergine Maria

Martin,F: Mass-Kyrie

Martin,F: Mass-Gloria

Martin,F: Mass-Credo

Martin,F: Mass-Sanctus/Benedictus

Martin,F: Mass-Agnus Dei

Martin,F: Ariel Choruses-Sands

Martin,F: Ariel Choruses-Fathom

Martin,F: Ariel Choruses-Come/Go

Martin,F: Ariel Choruses-Bee

Mendelssohn: Psalm 2

Mendelssohn: Psalm 43

Messiaen: O sacrum convivium (F)

Monteverdi: Sestina-Incenerite(T)

Monteverdi: Sestina-Ditelo (T)

Monteverdi: Sestina-Dara la notte(T

Monteverdi: Sestina-Ma te. . .(T)

Monteverdi: Sestina-O chiome (T)

Monteverdi: Sestina-Dunque (T)

Monteverdi: Svogava con le stelle

Monteverdi: Si, ch'io vorrei morire

Palestrina: Alma redemptoris . .(F)

Pizzetti: Due comp. corale (S)

Rheinberger: Op.109-Kyrie

Rheinberger: Op.109-Gloria

Rheinberger: Op.109-Credo

Rheinberger: Op. 109-Sanctus

Rheinberger: Op. 109-Benedictus

Rheinberger: Op.109-Agnus Dei

Schönberg: Friede auf Erden (T)

Spring '98-1 (35:24)

The compilation below contains the following pieces:

  1. Four Renaissance Chansons (1:50)
  • Willaert: Dessus le marché d'Arras
  • Sermisy: J'ay fait pour vous cent mille pas
  • Le Jeune: Je pleure
  • Lassus: Dessus le marché d'Arras

      2.  Verdi: Pater noster (8:36))

      3.  Musgrave: Rorate coeli (17:11)

      4.  Two Brahms Songs (29:31)

  • Neckerein
  • Tafellied 


Spring '98-2 (25:38)

The compilation below contains the following pieces:

  1. Mechem: Five Centuries of Spring--5 mm-- (00:47)
      2.  Two Flower Songs (13:30)
  • Fine: Have You Seen But the White Lily Grow?
  • Stevens: Go, Lovely Rose

     3. Rossini: I Gondolieri (18:42)

     4. Sullivan:Finale from "The Gondoliers" (22:27)

Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms*

VWilliams: pacem . .Reconciliation*

VWilliams: pacem . .Dirge*

Verdi: Requiem-Introit and Kyrie*

Verdi: Requiem-Dies irae*

Victoria: O vos omnes

Victoria: Vere languores nostros

Walton: Cantico del sole (S)

Werle: Canzone 126-Petrarca

Other idioms

Dorsey: Precious Lord (F)

Hairston (arr.) Hold On! (T)

Hairston (arr): In Dat . .Mornin'(F

Hogan (arr.): Abide With Me

Kubik (arr.): Mockingbird (T)

Kubik (arr.): Little Bird (T)

Kubik (arr.): Polly-Wolly Doodle(T)

Kunz (arr.): I Got Rhythm

Lindberg: As You Are (F)

Moore (arr.): I Believe. . Jesus(F)

Polay (arr.): Silent Night

Schrader (arr.): Lord, Listen . .(F

Smith (arr.): O Tannenbaum

Villanueva (arr). Steal Away (T)

Weir/Brown (arr.): Home . . .Xmas

Weir (arr.): Let It Snow

Weir (arr): Without a Song

William Dehning, DMA, conductor/consultant
Emeritus Professor of Choral Music,
University of Southern California

Past President-Founding Officer,
National Collegiate Choral Organization

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